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Define your work-life model

Learn self-management skills

Organize and empower your family

Solve childcare needs

Set up smart household management

Course 2

We all can go through a lot in a day. We want to teach you to harness that time, ensuring your work-life model is defined and your family is organized around this new path. Childcare is always a parent’s priority, and we recognize that need when we provide solutions for a smart household. You deserve the skills needed to optimize self-management. Never give up your dreams.

Analyse your starting point and plan what needs to be changed or reconsidered to avoid common challenges.


Short video lessons can be conveniently incorporated into your schedule, so you can digest content easily. Or if you prefer, you can read session content instead of watching it.


The course comes with a workbook that you can use to reflect on your learnings and note down your exercises. The workbook will be an important resource for your own return-to-work roadmap.


In each lesson you can go deeper by reading the additional resources we recommend. Of course, you can always book time with a mentor for additional help.

Our work is based on experiences and research that our team has collected over the years. We have analyzed what typical challenges women face after the family career break. We have created a set of sustainable solutions that can be easily adopted for your personal situation.
Section 1Define Your Work-Life Model
Section 2Self Management
Section 3Organize Your Family
Section 4Childcare Needs and Solutions
Section 5Smart Household Management
Section 6Build Your Reserves for RTW