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For Women with or without Technical Background:


For Women Returners and Career Changers

What You Will Learn From This Learning Workshop:

#1: What are the opportunities and risks for Women in AI?

We will share with you insights on new chances that AI offers. What AI skills are and why we believe they are best suited for women returners to work and career changers. 

#2:  What are the critical Success Factors for a career change or return to work

We will share with you our lessons learned, and expert tips for an efficient and effective transition 

#3: How to learn needed skills and get your dream job in AI?

We will show you how to learn AI skills without adding stress to your daily agenda.

About The Host

Naz Cilo-van Norel

Naz is a learning enthusiast, a gender-equality activist, dreams of 51% of AI jobs being held by women, Senior IoT Consultant at a big engineering company, professional experience with an engineering background of 25 years.

After learning about the risks and opportunities of AI, she became addicted to AI and wants to help other women to get inspired, enabled and employed by AI Jobs that are better paid, recognised and compatible with family life.


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

Anne, QA Engineer
Anne, QA Engineer
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I find the combination of independent learning and online meetings very compatible with everyday life. Mutual support helps me keep up with the specific topic.
Jazmín, Renewable Manager
Jazmín, Renewable Manager
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For further career development, I found the digital learning option when looking for a platform to develop programming skills. Digital learning is a great opportunity to learn within a group without having to register in a school. I have continuously learned and shared experiences with the group.
Ozana, Business Administrator
Ozana, Business Administrator
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The Digital Learning Circle was the best learning experience of my life. For a long time I did not know how to start coding with Python until I came across this course. There is nothing like it for me to learn together with this precious community. My learning curve was extremely steep and with maximum fun. I quickly developed coding skills in self-study and constant exchange with other learners.

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