What do you need to get back to work?

How can you create a career that lasts and will support you and your family?

Will you be able to catch up your digital skills and meet modern requirements? Do you have tons of questions running through your head?

We have solutions for you. Our Digital Learning Circles provide you with knowledge, support and motivation for your return to work. Step by step.

The Path to Your Dream Career: 9 Courses in 3 Phases in our Digital Learning Circles

Digital Learning Circles for Women Returners

Reinvent Your Career in Digital Tech

Together we can make this the start of a great journey. Women AI Academy helps you discover your calling and career in digital tech. You want the best and we provide excellent programs to reboot your career. We offer learning and development sessions that prepare you to leave home with confidence.


We’ve identified three important phases for a successful return to work. In each phase certain challenges will mark your way and need to be solved. 

All of our courses are based on these phases and their inherent challenges. Our courses help you overcome them and help you avoide traps and dead ends. Our roadmap to digital tech is explained in the slideshow next to this text.

The Digital Learning Circle “Restart your Career in Digital Tech” is the starting point of your journey. 


Re-Invent Your Career in Digital Tech

12 weeks of learning, mentoring and support

Instead of going through each course separately and alone, you profit from higher accountability, additional support and mentoring in our Digital Learning Circle. Each Learning Circle is guided by a moderator and mentor and meets online weekly.


Weekly live online Group Meetings with support.

3 Online Courses

Courses cover the most typical challenges and their solutions, as well as additional information and exercises.


Access to a mentor for personal tips and discussion

Facebook Group

A closed Facebook Group to communicate with your circle mates.


  • Do you consider to return to work but not sure where and how to start?
  • Do you want to change your professional area and learn new skills needed for digital-tech job?
  • Do you crave connecting with other accomplished women who get you? 
  • Do you feel like you don’t always fit in your community because others don’t understand the pressures you have? 
  • Do you know that you can learn and do all digital-tech jobs as women?
  • Do you know that tech companies need women more than ever?

Welcome home. You are not alone.


Cover everything you need

The Learning Circle for the Re-Invention Phase covers everything you need to know when you start planning to get back to work. 

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Why a Circle?

Peer Support

With Learning mates learning is less lonely.

Higher Accountabilty

And along with the discussions with your circle mates comes higher accountability and higher motivation.

Better Learning results

Your learning results grow potentially with learning in a moderated and helpful group.

You deserve the best, we know as a mum your capable of so much. We want to give you that Pat on the shoulder. You’ve been doing a good job and now it’s time to for you to be first. It’s not too late to go after your dreams.  

It starts with you stepping into the right program.  Digital Learning Circle is the programme sets you up for success.

Return to work best prepared

Close your skill gap in shortest time. And return with confidence. 

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Helpful Resources

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Single Course: Power Up for Your Return to Work

Start your journey to your new career with clarity and without mum’s guilt

Helpful resources

E-course with 6 modules

Short videos with exercises and learning material

Prize: 395 €

Start with the first Course

Digital Learning Circle

The best option: 12 weeks of learning, support and mentoring with all three e-courses included.

Weekly Online Meetings

12 weeks

Discussion Group

Goal Setting and Accountability


3 E-courses

Price: 2,200 €

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