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Digital Learning Circles for Women interested in AI

What do you need to get back to work or change your career to a new field?

How can you create a career in AI that lasts and will support you and your family?

How can you update your digital skills and meet the requirements of AI employment? Tons of questions running through your head?

We have solutions for you. Our Digital Learning Circles provide you with knowledge, support and motivation for your return to work or career change. Step by step.

The Path to Your Dream Career Starts by Developing a Clear and Growth-oriented Mindset

Digital Learning Circles

That is the core of our Women AI Academy. Similar to a school curriculum, we offer weekly learning sessions for building skills in our Digital Tech/AI employability skills roadmap. You can learn, meet and ask questions of your peers, your moderator and session expert.



Benefit from digital learning circles, online learning workshops, video courses, a library with the best available resources and experts who will teach you everything you need to know to gain or improve AI skills, get your dream job or create your own business within AI – all areas with huge potential for women.


Women4AI Community is a community of like-minded, inspired women and AI experts. This closed group will give you the opportunity to share your concerns, ask questions and provide advice to other members. With every step you take into the unknown, you’ll be reassured by others who have already taken the same path you’re on and pick up great advice on how to re-launch your career in AI/digital tech.


AI will eventually influence every area of our lives. We will be affected, either as the object or subject of AI. It’s up to women to take initiative and get involved to help shape the future of AI. Need for AI jobs are increasing exponentially. These are not typical “nerd” jobs, but rather roles that are suited better for women than men. Women have the best built-in skills to learn tech skills and get AI jobs. Get started learning today so you can reach your full potential.

Don’t miss out your chance for your new career!

Digital Learning Circles

  • 8-12 learning workshops every month
  • Supported by mentors and subject matter experts
  • Peer support available around the clock
  • It’s an effective, efficient and affordable way to learn new skills
  • Have fun learning AI skills with like-minded peers

AI Library

Resources suggested by experts or our team
More relevant and updated resources
Easy to use and consume
Developed by proven experts or organisations
Preference for free resources when available

Projects 2 Practice

Best way to practice what you learn
Information about open-source projects
Non-profit projects to contribute to
Initiate your own crowdsourcing projects
AI Employment opportunities

Women4AI Community

Community of like-minded women
Shared vision with a goal for taking an active role in AI
Ongoing interactions with mentors
Support from subject matter experts
Access to AI Influencers


  • Do you want to change your professional focus and learn new skills needed for an AI job?
  • Are you considering a return to work but are not sure where and how to start?
  • Do you crave connecting with other accomplished women who get you?
  • Do you feel like you don’t always fit in your community because others don’t understand the pressures you have?
  • Do you try learning new skills alone but need more support?
  • Do you know that you can learn and do any AI jobs as a woman?
  • Do you know that tech companies need women more than ever?

Welcome home. You are not alone.


Start your new career with clarity, confidence and a personal development roadmap/

3 e-Courses are included in the Digital Learning Circle 1

To cover everything you need

The Digital Learning Circle for the Re-Invention Phase covers everything you need to know when you start planning to get back to work.

Up to 16 weeks learning, mentoring and support

Instead of going through each course separately and alone, you profit from higher accountability, additional support and mentoring in our Digital Learning Circle. Each Learning Circle is guided by a moderator and mentor and meets weekly online.


That is the core of our Digital Learning Circle concept. Similar to a school curriculum, we will offer weekly learning sessions for skills according to our Digital Tech/AI employability roadmap. You can learn, meet and ask questions of your peers, your moderator and session expert.


We offer valuable content in form of e-courses. These are based on either our own content or selected 3rd-party content. Our e-courses cover the most typical challenges and solutions, as well as additional information and exercises.


We work with experts and mentors who we select carefully for our skills areas. You will have access to a mentor for personal tips and discussion, either in group calls or a one-on-one format.


To communicate and collaborate, we use Slack for different skills areas. You can meet and share with like-minded peers, 24/7. You can share tips, documents, links and other useful information in Slack groups with peers.

Why a Circle?

Peer Support

With learning mates, learning is less lonely.

Higher Accountability

Discussions of your goals with a peer circle leads to higher accountability and higher motivation.

Better Learning Results

Your learning results grow potentially when learning in a moderated and helpful group.

You deserve the best, and we know that as a woman you are capable of so much. We want to give you that pat on the shoulder. You’ve been doing a good job, and now it’s time to for you to be first. It’s never too late to go after your dreams.

It starts with you choosing the right program. Digital Learning Circles are the learning and development programs designed to set you up for success.

Return to work well-prepared

Close your skill gap in shortest time possible and return to work with confidence.

Don’t Postpone Your Dreams.

I love the Dutch saying: If you don’t shoot, you will always miss your target.

You are not the only one who lacks confidence or clarity. We have been exactly where you are now. If you want to be in a different place next year at this time, take the initiative and book a call with an experienced mentor. We are here to help you.

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Minimum: 8 participants – weekly online learning workshops

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Access to the best AI Library

Access to unique mentors and experts

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