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A data scientist knows how to extract meaning from and interpret data. This unique skill set requires the aid of statistical methods and machinery, but largely relies on analytical brain power. Because raw data can rarely be utilized reliably, businesses in a variety of industries look to these technical experts to collect, clean, and validate their data. This meticulous process requires persistence and software engineering skills—expertise that’s integral to understanding data bias and to debug output from code. In simpler terms, data scientists find patterns and use the knowledge to build and improve.

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The 5 Skills You Need To Match Any Data Science Job Description

What are the 5 skills you need to match any data science job description?

As a budding data scientist embarking on the adventures of your new career, you are probably pretty curious about how to land a data science job in this highly competitive area.

As a matter of fact, being tuned into what’s happening in the job market is always a good idea for everyone! Maybe you are already a seasoned data scientist who wants to be up-to-date with the latest job requirements. Or you are an employer who wants to check out what other companies are looking for in a data science resume.

How to become a Data Scientist