(AI-Influencer) Nancy Nemes, Founder of Ms.AI

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Nancy is high tech executive | CEO & Founder | Google, Microsoft | InspiringFifty | AI Advisor | Investor | Speaker
  • High-tech expert and activist working on democratizing technologies such as AI
  • Senior executive with focus on general management, #sales, #marketing, business development
  • Digital darwinist and change agent
  • AI #Advisor & #Influencer
  • Active supporter of #diversity and #inclusion in high tech
  • At home in Europe & USA
  • I believe in turning ideas into reality, servant leadership & trustworthy relationships. Described by others as visionary, high energy, passionate, courageous, resilient, fast thinking.

Combining an inventive spirit with a strong sense of problem solving, organization and optimism, I am used to anticipate and adapt to all sorts of situations.

  • 20+ years at Google, Microsoft, Avnet bringing high tech emerging technologies to markets (ie devices powered by Artificial Intelligence)
  • B2B & B2C expertise
  • Mobile, Digital, IOT, AI, Devices + Services
  • Retail, Telco, Media, Agency leadership
  • Leadership, coaching, empowerment of cross-functional international teams
  • Speaker
  • Sophisticated global network across EMEA, North & South America
  • Lateral thinker and perpetual learner
  • Winner of the InspiringFifty 2019 award https://dach.inspiringfifty.org/nancy-neme
  •  Fluent in English, German, French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish

For speaking, mentoring, business requests, send InMail. For inquiries about Ms. AI: missai@nemesventures.com

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