21 Free Data Sets/ Projects for Data Science Beginners

We have listed below some of the best datasets/ projects for data science beginners. 1. Enron Emails: [Download] More Projects / data sets to...
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SAP Analytics Cloud

Schneller bessere Entscheidungen treffen mit Hilfe von SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Mit der Lösung SAP Analytics Cloud hat die SAP im Hinblick auf die...
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AI for Good – By the People, For the People

AI for Good – By the People, For the People Omdena is a global platform where AI engineers and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds collaborate to...
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24 Ultimate Data Science Projects To Boost Your Knowledge and Skills (& can be accessed freely)

Data science projects offer you a promising way to kick-start your career in this field. Not only do you get to learn data science by...
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IBM Watson Assistant: Build an extensible AI chatbot in just 10 minutes

Build an AI-powered, complimentary virtual assistant in just 10 minutes! Watson Assistant knows when to search a knowledge base, when to ask...
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