Digital Employability Skills
for Women Returners

Free webinar to support you on your path back to work
– to your new career in digital tech

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Set your Return-to-work journey on the right path

Find out what you are capable of doing and see what career opportunities are possible for you.
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Do you consider to return to work soon?

Do you think that your skills are outdated?

Do you feel uncertain where and how to start?

Then you are on the right place.

Statistics show that over 61% of women that took a break from their career because of various reasons never bet back to their career path. Most of the time this happens because of family care and mum duties. If you want to get back to work and create a successful career again, then this freewebinar is a must-watch for you.

This free webinar on “Digital Employability Skills for Women Returners” gives you insight on how to create a career lasting career that will support you and your family, through digital technology.
You may probably be wondering how and whether you’ll be able to catch up with current digital skills. When you’re done attending this FREE webinar, your critical questions will be answered. At the end of this FREE webinar, you will have more clarity, learn how to build your confidence and competence to enter the digital-tech industry.


You will learn


The most effective route back to work

Your chances in the digital-tech

How to avoid the 10 most common mistakes

The path to your career success lays right in front of you. All you’ve got to do is walk it. Get started by booking to view this FREE webinar

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